Green Loans

Light up your home or hit the road with our planet-friendly financing.
Installing solar panels can help reduce your energy bills. Buying electric vehicles can reduce your carbon footprint. Need some extra incentive? At Empower Federal Credit Union, we offer environmental loans that make going green more affordable than ever.
Solar Panel Loan
The sun has the power to ... raise your home's value. Installing solar panels can, in fact, pay big dividends if you decide to sell your home. No plans to move? You can still receive economic benefits through lower electric bills, state and federal tax credits, and New York State grants for solar panels.
  • Competitive rates (based on certain credit criteria)
  • Fixed rates mean stable monthly payments 
  • One-time re-amortization with no fee
  • Add value to your home
  • Possible tax credits
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • NYSERDA Grants
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Electric Vehicles
Stop filling the tank with expensive gasoline. Just plug in and recharge. Electric vehicles save you money mile after mile and also contribute to cleaner air for everyone.
  • Competitive rates (based on certain credit criteria)
  • Fixed rates mean stable monthly payments
  • Pre-approval program locks in your loan before you go to the dealer
  • Up to 100% financing of the invoice price or NADA value¹
  • Benefit form New York State Drive Clean Rebate and federal tax credits
  • Financing may include tax, license, Guaranteed Asset Protection, extended warranty or other auto-related add-ons
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Electric Bicycle LoansĀ²
Commute to work. Ride for fun. Conquer hills like never before. An e-bike combines pedal power with a boost from an electric engine when your legs get tired or you need some extra speed.
  • Competitive rates (based on certain credit criteria)
  • Fixed rate means stable monthly payment
  • Enjoy health benefits
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by using your bike and leaving your car at home 
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¹Based on certain underwriting criteria
²To receive advertised rate, member must disclose intention to purchase electric vehicle at time of loan application.
Rates subject to change. Loan approval based on creditworthiness.
All loans subject to approval. Rates, terms, and conditions subject to change.