Youth Financial Education

We're a national leader in teaching young people how to handle money.

We feel strongly that kids should start learning about basic financial concepts as early as possible. We back up our beliefs by offering a variety of free programs and presentations in an effort to turn young people into smart money managers.

  • Empower FCU has received the REAL DEAL designation from the American Association of Credit Union Leagues and the New York Credit Union Association for the high quality of our financial literacy programs.
Financial Literacy Topics

Empower offers in-school presentations to meet the needs of students from pre-K to college. Here's a sampling:

  • Reading books to your class (Penny’s Lemonade Stand, Money Money Honey Bunny, Monster Money, The Coin Counting Book)
  • Coin presentation
  • What Costs Money - Grocery Shopping
  • Save, Spend, Share Poster-Making
  • Save, Spend, Share Bank-Making
  • Financial Bingo
  • Cross The Line First currency trivia game
  • Savings presentation
  • Checking presentation
  • Lending/credit presentation
  • Credit card presentation
  • Budgeting presentation
Explore All Our Programs
  • Dollar Dog is a fun way for young children and teens to learn how to use money responsibly.
  • In-School Banking Program provides opportunities for young students to save money by making deposits through Empower representatives who visit schools.
  • High School Financial Planning takes financial literacy to the next level so high school students gain a better understanding of financial management, careers and lifestyle choices.
Empower Federal Credit Union is a full-service financial institution serving members throughout New York State.