Our competitive rates allow you to make more of your money
Personal loans can be used to create happy moments. But we know they're often a way to pay for life's necessities - major repairs, important purchases, medical costs, or debt reduction. By keeping a lid on interest rates, we leave you with additional dollars to take on challenges or create opportunities.

Personal Loans

Effective Date: May 1, 2024
Terms APR*
up to 24 mo7.99%
25-36 mo8.49%
37-48 mo9.24%
49-60 mo9.49%
Loan Payment Example: A $10,000 balance at 9.24% APR would have 48 monthly payments of $247.70 each month.

Variable Rate Line of Credit

Effective Date: August 14, 2023
Index (Prime Rate) Margin Current APR* Maximum APR

Solar Panel Secured

Effective Date: November 28, 2022
Terms APR*
up to 60 mo5.49%
61-72 mo5.99%
73-84 mo6.49%
85-120 mo6.99%
Loan Payment Example: A $15,000 balance at 6.99% APR would have 120 monthly payments of $174.11 each month.
Annual Percentage Rate may vary. Maximum APR that may be imposed in a variable-rate plan = 17.99%. Your variable rate will be the lesser of the current APR, which is the index value plus the margin, or the maximum APR.
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