Pay with Rewards

An easy shortcut creates a win-win situation: Quicker rewards and even more points.

It's a simple concept: Make frequent use of your Empower FCU Mastercard and earn points for each credit card purchase. Gift cards from major brands and franchises are among your reward options. But claiming a gift card online can take 3 to 4 weeks. A quicker route to gratification is to use your accumulated points to purchase cards directly from your favorite store or gift card kiosk. Here's how that works:

1 - Select Pay With Rewards

Pay With Rewards button screenshot


2 - Manage Settings

Select your card
b. Select "Enable Only for Next Transaction"
c. Click "Apply"


Manage Settings screenshot

3 - Purchase the gift card using your Empower Mastercard

Visit the local store you'd like the gift card to be from and purchase your gift card there using your Empower Mastercard. Not only do you get your gift cards quicker, you will earn even more rewards points when using your Mastercard to purchase the gift cards. It’s a win – win!

Prefer to keep Pay with Rewards enabled? You have the option to “Enable for All Transactions” and even set a threshold purchase amount that will trigger Pay with Rewards. This way – you can set it and forget it, or come back later and make adjustments.

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