To sign up for Debit Card Courtesy Pay, you will need to contact us.

We need your permission if you want to receive Courtesy Pay to protect your account. Without your permission, any overdrawn purchases made with your debit card, or ATM withdrawals exceeding your available balance, will be DECLINED.*

The federal government requires all financial institutions to request permission from their members/customers when offering overdraft services on ATM and everyday debit card transactions. Empower’s Debit Card Courtesy Pay can only be offered with your permission.

Who's affected?
All of our Members who use our Debit Cards for purchases or for ATM withdrawals.

How can I receive overdraft services?
Call us, visit us at your local branch, or contact us through the "Messages" selection in the dropdown menu when you hover over your name within online banking.

* Account must be open for 30 days prior to activation of this service.

What You Need to Know about Overdrafts and Overdraft Fees

An overdraft occurs when you do not have enough money in your account to cover a transaction, but we pay it anyway.  We can cover your overdrafts in two different ways:
  • We have standard overdraft practices that come with your account.
  • We also offer overdraft protection plans, such as a link to your savings account, which may be less expensive than our standard overdraft practices.  To learn more, ask us about these plans.
What are the standard overdraft practices that come with my account?

We do authorize and pay overdrafts for the following types of transactions:
  • Checks and other transactions made using your checking account number
  • Automatic bill payments
We do not authorize and pay overdrafts for the following types of transactions unless you ask us to:
  • ATM transactions
  • Everyday debit card transactions
We pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction.

If we do not authorize and pay an overdraft, your transaction will be declined.

What fees will I be charged if Empower Federal Credit Union pays my overdraft?

Under our standard overdraft practices:
  • We will charge you a fee of up to $25 each time we pay an overdraft.
  • There is no limit on the total fees we can charge you for overdrawing your account.

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