Financial Wellness App

Get a firm handle on your finances with our expense-tracking tool.
How much are you spending on groceries? Commuting costs? Perhaps it's time to stop guessing and get detailed numbers that can help you fine-tune your budget and save money. Our consumer-friendly Financial Wellness tool automatically categorizes your expenditures, allowing you to easily see where your hard-earned dollars are going.
  • The Financial Wellness tool is provided at no cost to our members
  • It can be accessed through Online Banking or the Empower FCU mobile app
  • The tool uses Traditional Data Enrichment to categorize your spending and itemize your savings
  • The results will show up in easy-to-read charts and graphics
Use Account Aggregation* to view your Empower accounts plus any accounts you have with other financial institutions, lenders, or investment firms. Having everything in one place makes money management easier.
Spending categories
Restaurant & Dining
Mortgage/ Rent
Auto Expenses
Credit Card Payments
Health & Pharmacy

Note: Traditional Data Enrichment uses machine-learning algorithms to monitor and assign categories to each of your transactions. Occasionally, you may want to add or change the assigned category for a given transaction/merchant. This online enhancement allows you to make one-time updates to a transaction or recategorize all transactions from a particular merchant going forward.
Empower Federal Credit Union is a full-service financial institution serving members throughout New York State.
The Financial Wellness widget is available within Online Banking and our Mobile App. The tool is provided at no cost to members enrolled in these services and is intended to assist users by categorizing transactions and providing spending analytics. The user has control over the categories and information available within the analytics. This tool reports transaction data available and entries made and in no way guarantees any particular outcome.