Apple Pay is now available! You can now use your Empower Mastercard with Apple Pay on your Apple device.

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Apple Pay is easy and secure. Card details are not stored on your device, and never shared with merchants. With Apple Pay, a unique Device Account Number is assigned. When you make a purchase, a transaction-specific dynamic security code is also created, so your card number is never used for a purchase.

Adding your Empower card to Apple Pay. To use your Empower card(s) with Apple Pay, you must add them to Passbook. Within the app, just tap the plus sign and follow the onscreen instructions.

Look for these symbols at checkout:

Apple Pay symbols

Find out where Apple Pay is accepted.

Members that carry an Empower Mastercard may now use the Google Pay Wallet. 

Google Pay can be used on websites, in apps and in stores using the cards saved to your Google Account. It offers multiple layers of security and increases convenience for our Members.

  • Online or in app – Check out quickly and securely   
  • Pay Others – with an email address or phone number, send or request money  
  • In Store - widely accepted in stores and offers additional security. Google uses an encrypted number instead of the actual card number.

Look for these symbols at checkout:

Apple Pay symbols

Learn more about Google Pay.
Use your Empower Mastercard with Samsung Pay on your Samsung device. 

Carry your Empower credit & debit cards, along with gift cards and membership cards on your device. 

Have peace of mind, Samsung Pay constantly monitors your supported Samsung device to keep your information safe

Learn more about Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay FAQ: 

Q: What is Samsung Pay? 
A: Samsung Pay is a mobile payment platform (similar to Apple Pay or Google Pay) that members with compatible Samsung devices can utilize to make mobile payments anywhere Samsung Pay/MasterCard is accepted. 

Q: How does Samsung Pay work? 
A: Samsung Pay, similar to other mobile payment platforms, utilizes the NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities of compatible mobile devices to securely exchange payment information with the merchant’s card terminal. Samsung Pay differs from other payment platforms by utilizing a patented Samsung technology known as “Magnetic Secure Transmission” or MST, which simulates the swipe of a card’s magnetic strip at the terminal. This allows your device to communicate with certain terminals that do not typically accept mobile payments.

Q: How is my payment information secured when utilizing Samsung Pay? 
A: When you enroll in Samsung Pay, your card information is “tokenized”- sensitive information is removed and replaced with a randomly generated, placeholder called a token. When you utilize Samsung Pay, the card information is not shared with the merchant but rather a virtual card number that represents your actual card number. Additionally, when making a payment using Samsung Pay, verification is required on the users end on the device they are utilizing, either by entering a PIN set up by the user, or with biometric security (fingerprint or iris scan).  

Q: Where can I use Samsung Pay? 
A: Anywhere mobile payments are accepted. Most modern terminals are capable to accept mobile payments. Look for this symbol on the terminal:

Look for this electronic symbol at checkout

Q: Why am I seeing $2 fees from my Samsung Pay transactions?
A: Some merchant’s may mandate a PIN be used with a Samsung Pay transaction performed with your debit card, causing the transaction to be a PIN debit transaction. This is a setting on the merchant’s end. If the member is exceeding the 10 free PIN transactions allowed per month, they will be assessed the $2 fee per transaction accordingly. To avoid these fees, it is best to utilize the physical card and run as a credit transaction. 


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