September 2023 

Credit Score Notifications 

This is live with iOS and Android users. 
With the Mobile 4009 Release, a Notification Count now appears in the Credit Score card at the bottom of the mobile app.  When clicking on the Notifications icon, you will be directly taken to the Savvy Money Credit Score screen where you can review these alerts.


Password Reset Time Limit 

The time limit for password resets is changing from 24 hours to 10 minutes.  This will help increase security around password resets.

August 2023 

Credit Score Information 

Previously, there was not a way to be able to access credit score information via the app unless members logged into a desktop browser.  With the Mobile 4008.1 Release, a Credit Score card with your credit score information will now appear at the bottom of the mobile app depending on whether you have enrolled in SavvyMoney.  Members not enrolled in SavvyMoney will see the following on mobile apps:

Members enrolled in SavvyMoney will now see their credit score information on mobile apps:


Account Masking

Recent enhancement applied to mask the Account Number and display the last 4-digits with an “eye” icon for toggling the account masking on and off. 

Available Balance Alert 

In addition to Current Balance alerts, our members will be provided the ability to receive alerts on their Available Balance.

External Transfer Suspended ACH Account Trash Can

Alkami is now providing the functionality to delete External Accounts in a Suspended status for member self-service to create a better User Experience.

July 2023

Design Updates

Design updates applied to the Dashboard and Accounts widget for a fresh and clean look that aligns better with the overall style. 

Screenshot of dropdown under name in current header
Dashboard view.

Screenshot of dropdown under name in current header
Accounts view.

March 2023


Alkami has slightly changed the Header view on the desktop.

Current Header: 
Screenshot of Current Header Layout
Screenshot of dropdown under name in current header

New look of header on desktop, icons have replaced options. Rates and Locations has shifted from the left side of the screen to the right and Search has been removed:

Screenshot of new header layout.
Screenshot of options in dropdown under name
The envelope icon will take the member to their messages:

Screenshot of how to access Message Center in new header