A new feature allows Bill Pay users to make quick, one-time standard payments to existing payees right from the main dashboard on the desktop site. Up to ten payees will display in this experience and links are provided to guide the user to the complete Bill Pay product if needed. Users who are not enrolled are presented with a button that will link them to the Bill Pay widget where they can enroll in Bill Pay if they choose.

Here is what it looks like on the dashboard:

Quick Bill Pay Option on Dashboard

After clicking the dropdown and selecting a payee, you are presented with this screen:

Pay a Bill Screen

Once the payment is submitted, you are presented with this success screen:

Billpay was successfully submitted



The Available and Current Account balances now display on the Confirm Transfer screen.

  • The Available Balance appears for the Transfer From account and the Current Balance appears for the Transfer To account.


Confirming Transfer on Desktop


Confirming Transfer on Mobile

Business Banking

Master users now have the ability to add multiple email addresses on desktop and mobile. This is accomplished by going to Contact under settings and then click on add new email address. Only preferred email addresses will convert over to core. Master users can also delete email addresses only from the desktop site.

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