January 2023


Resolved Message Center Attachments Not Downloading in Mobile Apps – This was a known issue where previously uploaded attachments in the message center on the mobile application were not displaying.  Mobile app would display a message stating to use full site to view attachments. Now mobile banking will display the attachment in message center.​

Screenshot of attachment in mobile app


Update to Transfers experience on Desktop – In order to enhance the user experience to make the transition from mobile to desktop more intuitive, the look of transfers in desktop online banking as been updated.  The tabs in the transfer screen now mirror the same options available in mobile.

Old layout:
Screenshot of previous transfers layout

New Layout:

Screenshot of new Make a Transfer screen 

Screenshot of Add Account on within Transfers


When downloading transactions from the Desktop website, the start date now only allows for 4 digits for the year. 
Screenshot of downloading transactions date fix


eDocs has a new, enhanced subscription disclosure:

Screenshot of new eDocs subscription agreement


Resolved an issue in Financial Wellness where category did not refresh after update – Previously, when a transaction’s category was changed in Financial Wellness the page didn’t refresh.
screenshot of financial wellness category assignments

There are new options under Business ACH Alerts:
Screenshot of new Business ACH alert options

Contact Information Section is new with this update:
Screenshot of Contact Information update remiders