August 2020


Bug Fix: eDocs Now Has Built-in Accessibility

  • With the current accessibility enhancement, members can now use the Tab key in eDocs to navigate correctly across the buttons and tabs available to the member.


Enhancement: Printing Transactions will now Include Pending Transactions

  • When printing transactions, if a member has any account holds or pending transactions displayed for the account in the widget, those transactions will now appear in the print view in addition to the posted transactions.

Enhancement: Downloaded Transactions Now Accommodate Date Range Filtering for OFX, QFX, and QBO

  • Members are now able to select a start and end date to apply when downloading transactions in any format. Previously, only CSV accommodated date range filtering.

Enhancement: Added a Help Link to Transaction Details in Accounts with Accordion View

  • When viewing the details of a particular transaction in the Accordion details view, you will now see a Help link in the top right corner of the transaction details.


Bug Fix: Fixed an Issue Where iOS Users Were Allowed to Select The Same Day for Bill Pay Payment

  • Fixed an issue that allowed members on mobile iOS devices to select the same day for Bill Pay payments.

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