• Competitive rate, and no fees for maintenance, transactions or cash advances
  • Accumulate points with Empower's Rewards Program and redeem your points through Online Banking
  • Monitor your account, make payments and view statements through Online Banking
  • Protected by EMV chip technology (see the FAQ tab for more information)
  • Access cash-advance services at Empower branches
  • Streamline online ordering using the MasterPass digital wallet service (see the FAQ tab for more information)

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Please note: All of the benefits listed on Mastercard's website may not apply to our cards. To get a full description of benefits, please visit the links below:

Mastercard Platinum Card Cardholder Benefits
Mastercard World Card Cardholder Benefits

Your Mastercard has an embedded microchip for a more secure transaction. Simply insert your card at checkout, when possible. If a chip-friendly reader is not available, you can swipe your card as you always have.

Q: What are chip cards?

A: The chip contains your card number, name, and other account information. There is no other personal information stored on the chip. Due to security in the chip, every transaction you make is unique, which makes it extremely difficult for the card to be copied or counterfeited. Your chip card will also have the usual magnetic stripe on the back so that you can continue using your card while merchants are transitioning to new chip card terminals.

Q: What are the benefits of chip technology?

A: The embedded microchip provides dynamic transaction security features and other capabilities not possible with traditional magnetic stripe cards. A chip card is extremely difficult to counterfeit.

Chip card inserted into card reader

Q: Why is my card being upgraded to a chip card?

A: Chip technology is already used in other countries and now coming to the U.S. Your new chip card provides an extra level of security and is easier to use at international locations.

Q: How is this card different from a magnetic stripe card?

A: A chip card looks just like a traditional card with an embedded chip in addition to the standard magnetic stripe on the back of the card. Rather than swiping your card, you will insert your chip card into the card terminal to complete the transaction. Once inserted, do not remove the card until the transaction is complete.

Q: How does chip technology work?

A: Every transaction with a chip card has unique data in it. Chip transactions are dynamic, not static like magnetic stripe cards. That is why if someone were able to intercept one of your chip transactions they would not be able to use that information again. This stops fraudsters from being able to create counterfeit chip cards.

Q: Are chip cards new?

A: Although chip cards are relatively new in the U.S., they have been used elsewhere for many years. In some countries, particularly in Europe, merchants may be more familiar with accepting chip cards.

Q: Where can I use my chip card?

A: Use your chip card at the exact same merchants you do now—by inserting the card into card terminals that are chip-enabled or swiping your card at merchant locations that have not yet switched to chip-enabled card terminals. You can also continue to use your card as you did before for online payments, telephone payments, and at ATMs.

Link to Masterpass
Click Here to Access Your Empower Wallet


Masterpass can be used on tablet devices, smart phones, and laptop/desktop computers.

Q: What is Masterpass?

A: Masterpass by Mastercard is a digital wallet service that makes online shopping safe, easy, and convenient. Masterpass stores your payment and shipping information in one central, secure location. With Masterpass, you can shop, click (or tap), and checkout faster online.

Q: What cards can I use with Masterpass?

A: You can add credit, debit, or prepaid cards from Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diner’s Club, Discover, and Visa. When entering your card information into your wallet, first enter your Empower-issued card, and then you’ll be able to add up to 25 additional cards.

Q: How do I use Masterpass to buy something?

A: Once you’ve filled your online shopping cart and are ready to checkout, click or touch the Buy With Masterpass checkout button and select your Empower Masterpass wallet. Sign-in may take place on the checkout page or you may be redirected to Mastercard to complete the sign in process. Once logged in, you can select your Empower credit or debit Mastercard and shipping address. If you wish to use a card or shipping address that you haven’t already added to your Masterpass, just click or tap the Add option. Once you choose your card and shipping location, you’ll have an opportunity to review your order before completing checkout.  

Q: Is Masterpass safe to use?

A: Absolutely. It’s our top priority to keep your personal information safe. Mastercard uses secure servers and multi-part authentication including your login, address verification, encrypted data transmission, and other advanced authentication tools. Mobile/SMS verification is an optional setting you may use for an additional layer of security.

Q: Do I have to pay to use Masterpass?

A: No, there are no fees or charges to use Masterpass. But remember, if you ever opt to receive notifications about your account by text message, you may incur standard messaging fees from your mobile phone carrier.

Q: What is Mobile Verification?

A: Mobile verification is an additional safety measure to keep your personal information secure. It protects your account from abuse or compromise at sign-in. While Masterpass doesn’t charge you for these text messages, please keep in mind that you may incur standard messaging charges from your mobile provider, depending on your text and data plan.

You can add this extra layer of security by enabling Mobile Verification in your Preferences. During checkout from your computer, after you’ve selected your card and shipping address, you will receive a text message with a four-digit verification code to your mobile phone; enter that one-time-use verification code and checkout is complete.  

When you receive your card, activation is simple:

  • From your primary phone number for your Empower account, call 866.642.0450.
  • Follow the prompts to activate your card and set up your PIN.

Once completed, you are now ready to begin using your Empower Mastercard.

Cash Advance Options

Empower Federal Credit Union branches will now be offering Cash Advance services for all Mastercard®, Visa®, and Discover® cards.