Q. Why is Multi-Factor Authentication necessary?

A. Security provided by a single password may be defeated with new technology being employed by high-tech hackers of today. In response, enhanced security precautions have been implemented to increase online safety and make accounts more secure while preventing spoofing attempts by look-alike websites. Multi-factor Authentication triggered by certain transactions further increases the protection of the account.

Q. What are the Multi-Factor Triggers?

MFA will be triggered for a variety of transactions, such as adding an ACH/ external account, as well as other trigger events. Trigger events include:  

  • Adding an ACH Account (External Account – see below) for the first time.
  • Logging in from a different device
  • Changing Contact Information
  • Updating Security Information
  • Transfers involving a Linked Account
  • Transfers involving an External Account
  • Adding an External Account

Q. What is an External Transfer/ External Account?  (COMING SOON)

A. Empower members can transfer funds to and from accounts that are held at other financial institutions. External transfer makes it easy and secure (options include: one-time or recurring transfers). You may add external accounts on the Classic Transfer tab.  

Q. How many attempts do I get?

A. If a user fails MFA 5 times they will be locked out of Online Banking.  

You may select the MFA options that best meets your needs:  

  • Sending an authentication code via email

  • Sending an authentication code via SMS/ Text (cell phone # must be confirmed for codes to be sent via text)

  • Answering Security Questions (default setting)MFA options can be found on the Security tab (under settings) in Online Banking. At least one option must be enabled.

Where do I find the MFA Settings?

MFA options can be found on the Security tab (under settings) in Online Banking. At least one option must be enabled.

Screenshot of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) setup in the security tab in online banking

The Settings – Security tab is currently only available in the desktop/tablet environment. This set-up is not available on the mobile app.

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