Get your gift cards NOW with Pay with Rewards. Select the Rewards widget once you have logged into Online Banking to get started. 

Another option is to use Pay with Rewards. By doing so you will:
  • Have the gift card the moment you make the purchase at your favorite store or Gift Card Kiosk.
  • Plus, earn MORE Rewards on the purchase!

Here's How:

1 - Select Pay With Rewards

Pay With Rewards button screenshot

2 - Manage Settings

Select your card
b. Select "Enable Only for Next Transaction"
c. Click "Apply"

Manage Settings screenshot

3 - Purchase the gift card using your Empower Mastercard

Visit the local store you'd like the gift card to be from and purchase your giftcard there using your Empower Mastercard.

Woman using Pay With Rewards at checkout

Now you have the Gift Cards you need for any special event. Plus, you will EARN more Rewards when using your Empower Mastercard to purchase the cards. You will see the Pay with Rewards credit on your account statement AND you will see the points you accumulated for the purchase added to your current points. It’s a win – win!  Prefer to leave Pay with Rewards Enabled? You have the option to “Enable for All Transactions” and even set a threshold purchase amount that will trigger Pay with Rewards. This way – you can set it and forget it, or come back later and make adjustments.

Empower Mastercard

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