Empower requires a separate membership be established in conjunction with each HSA.

Even if you currently have an existing member number with Empower, this separate membership is required.

STEP 1 - Fill out the New Account Card.

In order to process your application for membership, we will need the following:

  1. New Account Card (see link above). Be sure to fill out ALL areas on the document.
  2. Copy of your Driver's License or proper ID. Application cannot be processed if proper ID* is not included.
  3. $25 Check or Money Order. A deposit of $25 must accompany your paperwork to establish original membership.

STEP 2 -  Fill out the Health Savings Account (HSA) application.

You can mail your application to us, or you can drop off the application at your local branch.

Mail to:
Empower Federal Credit Union
1 Member Way
Syracuse, NY 13212

*Valid (non-expired) photo driver's license; Valid (non-expired) photo non-driver's license; Valid (non-expired) passport; Local Employer ID, preferably with a photo and signature; (SEG visits); Government or military ID, preferably with a photo and signature (Benefit card not accepted); Trade license (taxi driver, chauffeur) with a photo and signature; Sheriff's ID.

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Empower Federal Credit Union welcomes employees of many companies, immediate family/household members of employees and retirees, as well as our outreach to underserved communities to enjoy personal and business banking solutions including auto loans, mortgages*, credit cards and more. Bank online, in any central NY branch, or call us at 315.477.2200.

* Home mortgages available in FL, PA, CT, NY and NC.